Counting cards has been a main theme for casinos in offering online blackjack available at . Below is tips to win real money with online blackjack.

What is Card Counting?

Card counting is a technique where a player predicts the probability of the next card on the table by looking at the pattern by the dealer.

Is Card Counting Illegal?

No. As much it sounds a cheating method, card counting is not illegal in any state. However, the act is frowned upon by the casino operators.

Does Card Counting Work with Online Casino?

Card counting in online casinos is somewhat next to impossible due to the use of the random number generator. The RNG shuffles cards with each new hand.

  • Card counting applies to traditional casinos
  • Online casinos do not apply card counting

What is the Random Number Generator?

The RNG refers to system comprised of a code in the build of the gaming system at the casino. The casino depends on the RNG for results.

The RNG generates millions of numbers which translate to random outcomes every time the payer tries the casino game. Hence the winning chances are random for every player

Is the RNG Secure?

Yes. The RNG is made up of computer algorithms in charge of distribution of million of numbers each time a player tries a particular casino game.

Can the RNG be Tampered?

No. The RNG is complex in a manner which the house cannot tamper with it in order to fix the games to gain advantage over its players.

  • RNG is certified
  • RNG is approved by regulatory bodies

Is the RNG Secure?

Yes. The RNG is tested and approved by international regulatory bodies to ensure it meets international standards set for online gambling. A certificate of approval follows suit.

Which is the Preferred Strategy to Win?

Online blackjack calls for the use of different strategies in order to find an edge over the house while at the casino without relying on card counting.

Making a Hit

In case you have a total of 20 with tow cards, placing a hit will require you depend on using the ace card to register a win at the casino.

Making a stand is another option available to players. The only way which a player can lose the game is in case the dealer has a total of 21.

Should I Take Insurance?

In case you are relying on counting cards to make a win while playing online blackjack at the online casino, you should take insurance during the game.

Taking insurance is a strategy which a player places a side bet in case the odds are stacked against you while playing online blackjack at the casino.

  • Take insurance at the correct time
  • Check the dealers hands

In case you are relying on counting cards, you will know the precise moment to make the insurance bet but it is not a recommended bet by experts.


Can the Casino Cheat?

The casino comes with an in-built mathematical advantage on all their casino games. Therefore, this eliminates the need for the house to cheat when offering blackjack games.

The house have the best profit for all their online blackjack games since all their odds are stacked against them with all their casino games players choose.

You should steer clear of online casinos that carry out a shady job with their casino games. Check the licensing credentials of a casino before placing your wagers.