If you’ve been browsing the web to look for the greatest gambling opportunities, then allow us to present the game of online scratch cards, the instant win game that can carry a jackpot prize of R15,000,000! Here you will learn what the game is all about and how it’s presented by the best casinos in the business.


Win Big Inside the Best SA Casinos Online

Scratch cards have long been in existence, even before the days of the National Lottery. From the days of being shopping coupons to now multi-million-prized games, the scratch card has always been a passion for players because of how simplistic the game is. For you to experience it, you will need to find yourself a casino that houses the game and to help with this, the following site provides players who are living in South Africa’s regions with legitimate gambling opportunities from within licensed and regulated casinos. They have been tested and approved for providing fair games and safe honest services. Their licensing comes from the highest possible commission and authorities, perfect to play safely in and win fairly from legitimate operators.

Experience Fast Wins and Big Jackpot Payouts

Now, you have official South African casinos ready to join, we now look at the game and the potential to win life-changing payouts from every one of the gamin options in the category of online scratch card games.

The process of playing scratch card games is really no different from how you would normally play the game if you were to buy a card at a shop counter. The game in its digital form still has a panel hiding the prize symbols, you only need to set the wagering value, which, in turn, adjusts the return of money that you win, the higher you pay in, the more you could win back. When pressing the reveal button, if three symbols match, then the prize is yours. The value of the symbols is shown to the right of the screen, so you know what has been won.

There are hundreds of different scratch games available, they cove a mix of theme and wonderful styles, there are games which offer players one chance of winning and some provide up to 3 chances with three different games on the one card.

The real money jackpots can start from as low as R100,000 and then big one could be a 15million rand!

There are indeed lower prizes to be won and your odds for these games are very good. Plus, there are benefits to playing online as well. With all traditional scratchcard games, if the jackpot is won, that’s it gone, players will have no clue and cards will remain on sale. When playing online, there is always a jackpot to be won and it is always replaced when paid out, so gaming online is a lot more fairer for players.


Win Real Money from Free Scratch Card Games

Money is always there to be won from an online casino, scratch cards just make it faster and easier. Whilst playing games at the highest levels inside the best online casinos, there is the opportunity to experience these gave via promotional offers and exclusive bonuses which are entirely eligible for scratch card gaming. Bonuses are optional, but what they provide is extra cash allowances for players to extend the number of games they play or to boost their betting amount. There are also free spins which are not just for slot games, they also work for scratch cards, so there really is potential to win real money from the casinos online for free.

Discover the magic of this easy to play lottery game and see what fortunes you can win from the leading online sites in South Africa. Hit the links above to commence this adventure.